Introducing the Whirlpool Range of Domestic Appliances

At Whirlpool, we believe in bringing you innovations that are specially designed to give delightful experiences in your everyday lives. And so, for the first time in India, we're proud to introduce you to the ultra-modern world of Whirlpool Domestic Appliances. This wide range of world-class appliances have been designed to help you reach that desired level of perfection. What set them a class apart is an elegant metallic European finish as well as a host of features that are exclusively innovated to give you nothing but the best. So it's time to indulge yourself in excellence with the all new range of Whirlpool Domestic Appliances.

Whirlpool Slow Juicer

Taste the Real
Flavour of Freshness

• Very Low Wattage 150w
• Slow Speed < 50 rpm
• 220 - 240 V AC • SS 304 Brushed Steel

Whirlpool Hand Blender

Flavour of Nature
Now Blended to Perfection

• 800 W Motor Capacity
• 220 - 240 V AC
• SS 304 Brushed Steel

Whirlpool Pop Up Toaster

Mornings Made Crispy
With Perfectly Toasted Sandwiches

• 900 Watt Powerfull Heating
• 220 - 240 V AC
• SS 304 Brushed Steel

Whirlpool Electric Kettle

For a Fresh Cup of Morning
Whenever You Want
• 2400 W Powerful Heating
• 220 - 240 V AC
• SS 304 Brushed Steel